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Magnus Marketing Group, LLC (MagnusMG) is an integrated Marketing/Business Development firm specializing in supporting start-up to midsize entrepreneurial organizations including technology, software, and related, consulting and professional services firms, and HR/Talent Acquisition firms (agencies, technologies, consultants). Since 2006, MagnusMG has proven out new revenue opportunities using research based, creative, and innovative methodologies and techniques. Providing expert support for market development and go-to-market strategy using a combination of research, strategic prospecting and lead nurturing, and integrated sales/marketing support. There is no target market or account too large or small to understand, develop, and sell to.

MagnusMG will quickly analyze and proactively find opportunity, identify key people, develop targeted messaging, gain high level visibility, and secure new business. Clients have seen double-digit sales conversion rates from suspect to qualified prospect, built profitable pipelines, and many have experienced the largest deal in their corporate history, plus built sustainable businesses.

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MagnusMG has taken many start-up companies with limited budgets and resource constraints to market gaining critical visibility, market feedback, alignment, and actual closed sales. Building markets and sustainable businesses while creating real revenue.

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Too many firms focus on "one night stands", not meaningful relationships. Quality business is developed over time, with real customer focus, and genuine understanding. MagnusMG, with little ramp up time, will create real revenue and extract true demand from the market using smart prospecting and multimodal techniques.

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