Go-To-Market Startup Support

Go-To-Market Startup Support

Whether a bootstrapping entrepreneur with a new product or service ready to conquer the market or an established firm launching a new product or service, you need to acquire customers. It could be your first or you’re ready to scale from the handful of initial early adopters who bought into your vision and idea. Angels and VC’s won’t talk to you until you have the golden ticket – “traction”. A sustainable business is one where someone who isn’t in your network is willing to listen, engage, and buy from you – and getting those type of buyers on a scalable basis while building a reputable brand isn’t easy.

To be clear, what MagnusMG doesn’t do and what you certainly don’t need is telemarketing. Telemarketing is high volume, list-based, smile-and-dial with the straight goal of an appointment – quite often with questionable qualification (some firms actually charge more for qualified appointments!), no “account navigation”, and a “one shot” mentality. What you need is qualified appointments, real buyers with real interest who will help you achieve your goals. You don’t have time or money to waste!

What MagnusMG does is intelligently combines market intelligence with strategic prospecting and creates an iterative loop that builds the business in alignment with the market. MagnusMG works with start-ups to get them in front of the right people, to get that feedback which defines the product, refines strategy, creates messaging, builds real relationships and closes the gap between the concept/idea and preliminary product and market adoption. Plus generates sales – money – revenue! MagnusMG creates an overlay of dialogue with sales process and strong marketing support.

MagnusMG builds sustainable business and real revenue opportunity.

While MagnusMG does not charge $100/hr, a monthly budget is required. The typical engagement requires a 3 to 6 month mandatory trial period. No commission only or equity based engagement is accepted.

Could you be the next Sergey Brin or have the next Oracle? With the right resource, like MagnusMG, that could be a possibility. Let’s set up a discussion and talk about how I can make you the next Inc 500 millionaire!