Magnus Marketing Group, LLC

From the Chief Prospecting Agent to the Stars

Since 2006, Magnus Marketing Group has supported a variety of start-up and midsize entrepreneurial companies. Magnus is Latin for GREAT – the goal for any “good” entrepreneurial firm.

Rachel Schneider, MBA is Magnus Marketing Group – an independent business development and marketing professional with 20 years experience working for and with entrepreneurial firms. After being a part of many start-ups and small businesses and witnessing strategic mistakes, it was time to put an end to that and help create successful and sustainable companies. True to form, some of MagnusMG’s clients have gone on longer that Rachel’s employers! Magnus Marketing Group intended to be a group of sales intelligence and sales support specialists, but like any entrepreneurial firm – pivoted to meet the real market demand and changed course. In August 2016, ten years of service was achieved with more than 30+ clients having benefited from the expertise, insight, and support provided.

Not all clients have made it, but those who failed, failed fast – realizing quickly that they had specific deficiencies or did not fill a real need for the market – some even went back to the “drawing board” re-emerging with a new mission. Many have made it, many clients who were initially engaged had zero or just a handful of clients and now are an industry leader or a well known player in their space, while others were acquired. Today, there are even repeat customers.

Even in the toughest and most frustrating of times, opportunity – no matter how small or large still exists. And, MagnusMG has found it – sometimes when others could not.

MagnusMG is one supplemental resource that needs to be on any entrepreneurial team playing the role of consultant, prospecting agent, researcher, product development specialist, and marketer, even co-founder – all those things and more.

The clients MagnusMG works with are innovative, intelligent, sometimes groundbreaking and all are driven to succeed. It is pleasure to work with like-minded entities. Provide the challenge – the “prove it to me” – it is great to say – I made that business happen.

If you are up for the challenge, let’s talk about making your company GREAT.