Market Development

Market Development: Small Mid-Size Business Enterprise Business Development/Inside Sales

In today’s world of interconnectivity through social media, competitive environments, and over-informed prospects, the key is differentiating and building a relationship using multiple and ongoing touches. Just making tons of calls on a list with a script does not yield quality results. It takes a higher level of intelligence, messaging, creativity, and targeting to really build a market. This is intelligent prospecting not telemarketing – it is quality versus quantity, it is relationship over transaction…

Plus, it takes time.

As a strategic resource representing your company, MagnusMG will provide insight into actual customer behavior, market trends or motivators, and help the company get in front of the right people and position to sell.

Do you or your salespeople want to spend time and money chasing down false leads or paying for appointments that go nowhere?

MagnusMG provides much more than just leads or appointments, it is the strategic intelligence that will refine company and product/service positioning, build long term relationships, and identify critical success factors for continued sales success and competitive advantage – in addition to increasing real revenue.

Don’t ask “how many calls are made in an hour”, “how many appointments are made in a week”, or “how many connects “, the reply is “don’t know, don’t care”. It isn’t about activity, it is about qualified new business generation, real revenue, which entails “what did the CXO or decision-maker say”, “who is attracted to our product/service and why”, “what is resonating in the message”, “what is the pain point the decision-maker is most focused on “, “what are the real pains/needs/opportunities we can capture”. How do we get MORE of this business and find and capture this type of client.

MagnusMG works on an hourly rate plus commission or bonus. Pay for performance that is based on closed sales only – not leads or meetings. As a result only qualified leads or appointments are generated.

Do you want to conquer the market and get ahead of the competition? MagnusMG is the right resource to engage! Let’s talk about how we can build your business today!