Start-ups to midsize companies face many challenges in market development:

1) proving market viability,
2) lack of branding, and
3) innovative products/services that need evangelizing and educative support.

Not to mention the “usual suspects” of competition, lack of resources, and finding the right buyers.

Known for “making something, out of nothing”, creating tangible and revenue producing scenarios for ideas or emerging solutions, MagnusMG has taken many start-up companies and new products, services, and solutions to market. MagnusMG has developed a time-tested, successful, process for building markets, identifying opportunities, and finding real buyers.

MagnusMG has witnessed what happens when the wrong approach is taken. Our best practices in marketing, business development, and sales support assure that the right strategy, tactics, and approaches are taken.

Using innovative, up-to-date research techniques, intelligent consultative prospecting, and methods like real account/market research, lead nurturing, and MBA level business analysis. Drawing on years of experience and business intelligence, rapid rapport and connectivity is built with the creation of new market and revenue opportunities.

MagnusMG has taken many start-up companies with limited budgets and resource constraints to market gaining critical visibility, market feedback, alignment, and actual closed sales. Building markets and sustainable businesses while creating real revenue.

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Too many firms focus on "one night stands", not meaningful relationships. Quality business is developed over time, with real customer focus, and genuine understanding. MagnusMG, with little ramp up time, will create real revenue and extract true demand from the market using smart prospecting and multimodal techniques.

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