Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

I work with limited clients on a fractional basis performing daily prospecting and providing marketing support services. There is a locked in 3 month to 6 month trial period to establish messaging, market identification, and gain basic traction – this is mandatory. Work is done on a retainer basis with a monthly fee assessed and billed. After the trial period the engagement can continue or end, that is up to you and it can continue as long as desired.

No, I abhor lists. A short list of prior leads or a “wish list” of companies you want to do business with is helpful to start. I use customer profiling and “strategic fit” scenarios to determine ideal prospects. Prospects are found through a variety of “sourcing” methods like social media, research, and deep web techniques. A web-based CRM solution (Zoho, Salesforce, etc) is mandatory for transparency, tracking, and reporting as well.

Commission only works when there is a pipeline established with predictable realized revenue. I generally do not close the business and am involved in the on-going pipeline development activity where no revenue is realized immediately and is subject to someone else’s (salesperson, CEO) efforts. While I will help make your business a successful one, I want no part of the business in terms of equity.

1099 outsourced marketing/business development provider. I can play the role of Business Development Director, Lead Generation/Marketing Specialist, or Business Partner – how you relate to me is your decision. To the outside world, I work for you and your company as a part of your team – legally, I am an independent contractor.

Any firm that guarantees results is just taking your money – and if your product/service is so predictable and proven – then I am not the right person to help you – you need a telemarketer. Results are dependent on a variety of factors: market conditions, general demand, messaging, product/service validity/strength, whether you can present and close the business, even factors like your own likeability and mine can come into play. Generally, within the trial period, a determination of traction and sustainability, however, can be made.

For a variety of reasons, however the top three are; 1) unrealistic expectations (expecting a million in revenue, a demo a day, or not pivoting to meet real market desire), 2) lack of product/service traction/demand or “back to the drawing board” necessity, and 3) hiring a full time person.

It is only ineffective if done improperly. Prospects still accept emails, listen to voicemails, and will react if there is relevancy. Prospecting alone is ineffective – but with a good website, some social media presence, and other marketing support it is and can be a real strategic differentiator. Today, there are very few people who do it well and do it right. I’m so good in fact, two people I called on became my clients!