Sales Intelligence

Sales Intelligence is Market Research with a Twist. What it is not is market research which is nothing but factoids. The twist is that the research creates an actionable execution for selling into the account or lays the foundation for sustainable success

Sales intelligence is research specifically focused on eliciting or proving out one or more specific opportunities from a market, select target accounts, or a specific account. Out of the research opportunity capture strategy will result. Integrated approaches on how to capture the opportunity (i.e., marketing or technical analysis) are derived from the information. Sales intelligence applies to enterprise accounts and small to midsize accounts, markets, and segments. 

Why MagnusMG Market and Sales Intelligence

    1. MagnusMG delivers actionable intelligence that promotes strategic fit between account/solution or market/solution
    2. AI, Market Research, and Account Analysis is NOT Sales intelligence and does not promote strategic fit. 
    3. Intelligence is a key to internal and external alignment between your offering and the account or market
    4. MagnusMG uses leading and innovative sourcing and research techniques including advanced techniques to gain real-time information.
    5. NO Chat-GPT or AI bullshit – this is real human analysis combined with sales/marketing expertise


Market Intelligence

Using both primary techniques and secondary resources, MagnusMG will uncover key intelligence from the target account or market to determine product/service viability and key attribute analysis (i.e, pricing determinants, feature/benefit, and critical success factors).

In eliciting market intelligence through prospecting, MagnusMG has uncovered viable congruent markets for existing products/services, determined lack of viability for company products, and uncovered actual versus potential needs within a target group. The goal is to determine levels of traction or if there is a need “to go back to the drawing board.”

MagnusMG offers a variety of Market Intelligence:

  1. Primary Market Analysis and Reporting: Determining if your clients will buy a new offering or if a new market will accept a new product or service is critical to testing prior to full scale go-to-market. Using the same “go-to-market” prospecting type techniques MagnusMG will engage future buyers in market feedback discussions to determine market viability and acceptance. The goal here is not lead gen or sales, but merely eliciting market acceptance information.
  2. Competitive Research: Using a variety of techniques, MagnusMG can determine who the direct and key indirect competitors are and identify key attributes vis a vis your offering. This is a preliminary approach used prior to “go-to-market” or for product/service refinement.
  3. Messaging/Positioning Analysis: Is your positioning and messaging viable and compelling for the market(s) and prospect levels? Using a variety of tools and methods, MagnusMG will analyze and determine the right sales-ready messaging to help your company and product/services stand out among all the noise.

Sales Intelligence

Notice that companies offering sales intelligence focus only on large accounts where information is easily accessible and patched together?

Or that sales intelligence research analysts are people who never prospected for business? Would you really trust them with sales strategy or opportunity elicitation?

MagnusMG has no limits on size or type of accounts profiled, can continue the initial research into opportunity creation, provides strategic – grounded in experience – analytical approaches, and uses innovative sourcing and research techniques to uncover very hard to find information.

Historically, MagnusMG has produced account analysis that not only “were the best [senior reps] had seen”, but generated million dollar opportunities! 

Target Account Profiles
Using deep business knowledge, leading sourcing resources, and sales/marketing/biz dev expertise, MagnusMG combines primary research, secondary research, and critical business analysis to create a truly strategic account level document. We understand that it isn’t the obvious that opens a door, it is the non-obvious. We will find just the hook combined with your value proposition to get attention at the decision-maker or buyer level. The net effect is to do all the critical homework in advance for the reps or prime the account for the reps call.

Competitive Analysis:
Comprehensive profiles of your competition based on information you would like to know that will help position your company, develop competitive products/services, or find your next employee. We use ethical information gathering methods primarily reliant on deep web research and business analytics. MagnusMG will determine your company’s positioning potential, identify strengths/weaknesses, and provide key recommendations in branding and messaging.

Custom Research:
Something you want to know more about? Have a solution you want to launch and want to test market receptivity? Want to get a better value proposition in place? Understand the drivers in a particular industry or market? Do a creative piece to get your prospects to move a sale along? 


Most salespeople can’t hold an executive level business conversation and articulate business value or strategic fit of their product/solution in conjunction with prospect needst. This skill not only furthers the sales process, but also promotes faster, more intelligent closes. We can help your salespeople learn how to talk the language of business. 

One thing we can discuss that many other firms cannot is results. We also can execute on the research – working with you to get into the account, develop a campaign, or continue sales support to resolution. Contact Magnus Marketing Group today to get started on getting qualified business